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Residence Permit Based on Medical Ground (122-G)

Residence Permit Based on Medical Ground (122-G):

Submitting a residency application for a person with mental and physical health issues on behalf of an EU family member or a holder of Portuguese TR, PR, and nationality.

A person who is a family member of a national of the European Union OR who holds a Portuguese TR/PR/Portuguese Passport and suffers from mental and physical illness and requires long-term medical treatment is eligible to apply for Portuguese residency.

This information is available on the SEF website at https://imigrante.sef.pt/en/solicitar/especializados/art122-1-g/.

Residency eligibility extends to brothers and sisters, older sons and daughters, and other relatives who are at least 18 years old. A person seeking residency under this provision must first make an appointment with SEF and then come in person to provide relevant documentation; if the applicant is minor or disabled, a legal guardian may proceed based on SEF’s determination.

The SEF requires the following documentation:

  1. A valid copy of the passport (front and back)
  2. Travel documents
  3. Legal entry declaration into Portugal
  4. Two passport-sized photos with black background
  5. Last three month’s bank statement
  6. Adequate accommodation proof
  7. Police criminal record from home country
  8. Medical Certificate issued by a medical officer or an equivalent medical facility recognized by the Ministry of Health
  9. Additional relationship-declaration documents

Based on the legitimacy of the papers, the SEF directorate or regional delegate will make a final determination.

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