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Digital Nomad Visa Portugal

Portugal has launched Digital Nomad Visa. It is a specific sort of visa issued towards the end of October to persons who wish to remain in Portugal while working outside the country (remotely). It has never been more thrilling to be a digital nomad in Portugal. The visa is the first of its kind in Europe, and applications begin on October 30, 90 days after the Portuguese government altered immigration legislation. The newly introduced Digital Nomad Visa is tailored to the needs of remote workers.

Remote employees may apply for a one-year provisional stay visa or a five-year renewable residence permit. Applicants must earn at least €2,820 per month, which is four times Portugal’s minimum wage of €705 in 2022.

Your income is the essential requirement for a digital nomad visa in Portugal. You must have earned at least a nominal four times the minimum wage of Portugal, €2,820 per month, in the three months before your application.

This visa is designed specifically for foreign nationals, and it would be advantageous if you were self-employed or working outside of Portugal. Documents, occupation verification, and income verification for the last three months. You can apply for this digital nomad visa at a Portuguese Consulate in your home country or the Portuguese Immigration and Border Service, often known as SEF.

Visa or residency permit issuance will occur as follows:

  1. One-year Temporary Stay Visa
  2. Residence Visa

Temporary Stay Visa: This visa type permits a stay of less than one year in Portugal. It is provided for the exact amount of stay and does not require a residency permit.

Documentation Required:

  • Passport
  • Immigration application
  • Police criminal record
  • Travel medical insurance
  • Employment or service provision, contact
  • Proof of income for the last three months, four times the minimum wage
  • Tax number of the residence of Portugal
  • Accommodation evidence
  • Certification from the employer that remote work is permitted

Documents must be legalized by the appropriate country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Specific Documents:

A certified work contract/promise of employment contract/statement of the employer or A firm contract with signatures of contracting entities/service agreement (for independent professionals).

Proof of an average monthly income of 705 Euros each month, which should be shown for a minimum of four months so that the total compensation would be 2,820 Euros. Along with certified tax documentation.

The excellent feature of the Digital Nomad Visa is that family members are permitted to accompany the lead applicant. In this scenario, family members must apply for a visa with the primary applicant, providing the following necessary documentation:

  1. Application form
  2. Police criminal record
  3. Passport size photographs
  4. Travel medical coverage
  5. Certificate of marriage (For spouse/partner)
  6. Certificate of birth (For dependents)
  7. Bank account

However, for a family case, the minimum income requirements in the bank account should be 705 Euros for the primary applicant, 353 Euros for the adult-dependent, and 212 Euros for children. In addition, the available funds must be at least 8460 Euros (705 x 12).

The finest aspect of the Digital Nomad Visa is that its application is processed in 30 days or less, compared to other national visas.

The Digital Nomad Visa is a special type of visa that will be available beginning October 30, 2022.

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