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EU-Long Term Residency card holders in Portugal

Residence permit for holders of the long-term residence card in other EU member states:

Foreigners who hold long-term resident permits from other EU member states are permitted to live and work in Portugal under article 116 of the Portuguese immigration code. The countries of the European Union have an internal agreement allowing long-term resident titleholders and their family members free mobility and card exchanges. A European long-term resident visa is essential to access the Portuguese market for a job, profession, education, family reunification, investment & business, or other legitimate commercial or noncommercial activity.

Eligible applicants:

  1. EU-Long-term residency cardholders and their families
  2. EU-Permanent cardholders and their families
  3. EU-Blue cardholders and their families

When submitting a request to the competent Portuguese authority (SEF), complete the steps outlined below:

Step 1: Describe the intent of the resident permit in Portugal:

Must specify whether entering the Portuguese market is for work, business, profession, education, family reunification, or other legal commercial or noncommercial activity. Authorities in Portugal will only approve a proposal if it establishes that the proposed adjustments are sufficient for the intended purpose.

Step 2: Establishing a relationship with Portuguese territory and community:

Before relocating, you must provide proof of your affiliation with the tax authorities, banking institute, social security institute, licensing/permitting authorities, establishment place of projected commercial activities, establishment place of address in Portugal, employment, business, study, and family contracts to the appropriate authority.

Step 3: Set up an appointment to submit documents and provide biometric information to SEF:

Schedule an appointment with (SEF) by telephone according to your convenient time, date, and location, pending availability from SEF. In addition, the appointment request must include the reason for the appointment as well as your identification and EU residency card information.

Step 4: Prepare the following documents along with Portuguese translation:

  • Valid passport
  • EU-long-term residence permit
  • Police criminal record from home country
  • Police criminal record from the country of residence
  • Portuguese tax number
  • Portuguese bank account number
  • Professionalism Evidence in Portugal
  • Portuguese Social Security Number (SSN)
  • Proof of accommodation in Portugal
  • Further supporting documentation for your application

Step 5: Visit SEF for biometric (Fingerprints) registration:

On the day of the appointment, the applicant must show up to the Portugal Immigration Authority (SEF) with the requested documents translated into Portuguese and have their fingerprints taken.

Step 6: Residence card collection at your home address in Portugal:

The residence card will be mailed to your registered Portuguese home address and will be valid for five years or equivalent to the duration of your EU card. Remember that the SEF officer may request additional paperwork or an interview.

Step 7: Application for a family reunion for EU and non-EU family members:

Once the principal applicant has secured a Portuguese residency card, the right to call EU and non-EU family members under article 98 on Family Reunification is subject to additional verification and documentation before their residency permit is approved and released.

General terms under articles 98.1 & 98.2 for the definition of family members:

  • Spouse
  • Children
  • Parents
  • Living relationship partner

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