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Passport and Nationality in Portugal

Citizenship and nationality of Portugal can be obtained by any foreign national who has been living in the country legally for at least five years. In 2019, the Portuguese government approved a change to its citizenship law making it possible for non-European nationals to apply for Portuguese citizenship after five years of residence in the country. After becoming a citizen, you must apply for permanent citizenship at a local civil registry.

Required documentation to apply for Portuguese citizenship:

  • Birth certificate
  • Portuguese language proficiency certificate
  • Valid passport
  • Valid residence proof
  • Police criminal record
  • Marriage certificate (If applying on behalf of Portuguese spouse)
  • Document issued by SEF attesting to a person’s five-year legal residency in Portugal

Who Is Eligible for Portuguese Citizenship?

  • A foreign national who has been married to a Portuguese national for at least three years is eligible to apply for citizenship.
  • A child born in Portugal to foreign parents residing legally in Portugal for at least two years is also eligible for Portuguese citizenship.
  • A child born in Portugal to foreign parents, with at least one parent being Portuguese.
  • Babies who are born in Portugal and are later found abandoned by their parents are also considered to have been “taken” by Portugal.
  • Individuals who were previously Portuguese citizens but who have since lost their citizenship and never regained it.
  • A person who is married to Portuguese national.
  • An adopted child by the Portuguese national is also eligible to apply for the citizenship.
  • Foreigners can obtain citizenship through investment.
  • A person who is legally working in Portugal for at least five years.

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