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Portugal Family Reunification for Residency Card Holders

According to Portuguese immigration law, the visa process for family reunification falls under object 98 and paragraph 01.

The spouse and family visa permits non-European citizens to join their relatives in Portugal. The holder of a Permanent or Provisional residence visa in Portugal has the right to invite family members such as spouses, dependent children, parents, adopted children, and siblings. Hence, relatives, parents, and partners can apply for a family visa to join family members that are already residing in Portugal. Supposedly, the family member or spouse now lives in Portugal with a temporary residence permit. In this situation, they can utilize Portugal’s visa for family reunification for the same length of time.

If the friendship between spouses has lasted longer than five in marriage, the spouse will be granted an independent residence permit. They will be granted the same privileges as Portuguese nationals regarding employment, education, social security, taxation, and healthcare.

The paperwork needed to apply to visit a partner or relative in Portugal:

An individual with a Portuguese residence permit can apply for a family or spouse visa, but first, they must make an online appointment with SEF.

The following items are necessary to apply:

  • Residence permit proof
  • Two recent color photographs (white background)
  • Evidence of relationship with family
  • Passport copies of family members
  • Identity card copies of family members
  • Proof of accommodation or stay for family
  • Proof of subsistence funds to meet the needs of the family
  • All taxation documents
  • Police criminal record certificate
  • Certificate of adoption for adopted children
  • Birth certificate
  • For minor siblings, a legal guardianship certificate is required
  • Certificate or registration of marriage for a spouse

After approval of a family visa, each family member is granted a residence visa. Additionally, the SEF will notify the Portuguese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Portuguese embassy or consulate in the applicant’s home country to grant the residence visa to the applicant.

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