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Permanent Residence Permit in Portugal

To obtain a permanent residency in Portugal, foreign nationals must have a five-year temporary residence. They must be present in Portugal territory for at least six or eight months yearly. The golden visa program holders are exempted from this condition.

There are numerous ways to obtain a Portuguese permanent resident title, which is issued for an unrestricted period of time with a new card issued every five years.

Minor applicants (foreign children) born on Portuguese territory have the right to obtain permanent residency or a passport immediately, provided that one of their parents has lawfully resided in Portugal for at least two years.

Presently, Portugal has become well-known for giving Permanent Resident Permits. It encourages non-Europeans to apply for permanent residency under several categories and obtain the right to reside legally in Portugal. After entering the nation, you must visit SEF to establish residency in Portugal. To reside in Portugal, citizens of the European Union (EU), the European Economic Area (EEA), and Switzerland do not need a resident visa.

Temporary resident permits last one year. The visa can be renewed for another year or two to stay in Portugal, depending on the stay’s duration and purpose. After five years of temporary residence, the individual may seek permanent residence or Portuguese citizenship. The individual can obtain residency through marriage and legally reside and work in Portugal. At first, residency is granted for five years. Then, they receive PR.

It is possible to obtain permanent residency through employment. A non-European national who arrives in Portugal is permitted to apply for a work residence visa within 90 days. Obtaining permanent residency through an investment scheme known as the golden visa scheme. Moreover, Portuguese law authorizes applications for residency based on family reunification. The student may also apply for a residency permit, but their course of study must exceed six months. Many advantages accompany permanent residency in Portugal. A person can live and work in Portugal to receive a high-quality education, healthcare, a happy lifestyle, and free travel to Schengen nations.

We offer you the opportunity to secure a permanent residence in a country known for its diversity, beaches, and golf courses. Zajl will assist you in completing all the necessary paperwork and supervise the process. The following methods can be used to acquire a permanent living arrangement, which makes this possibility a reality.

Dual Citizenship: In Portugal, dual citizenship can be obtained. You are not obliged to renounce your previous citizenship in order to become a resident of Portugal. After a comprehensive application, a few fundamental requirements must be met, including the candidate’s five years of continuous residence in the country. Throughout this time, the individual likely had a registration certificate, which is required of all individuals who desire to remain in the country for more than three months, regardless of whether their stay is for educational, employment, or business purposes. Third-state occupiers, like those from all non-EU countries (including Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland), must first obtain a residency visa before seeking permanent residency.


Business investments are still another key method to obtain permanent residency in Portugal. The process for applying for residency is open to non-citizens who participate in business activity in the country as an individual investor or through a Portuguese organization (or another EU Member State-affiliated organization that offers support in Portugal), as this becomes recognized by the country.

Initial requirements:

The application for a Portugal-permanent residence permit must be made to SEF, Portugal’s outlying office, conforming to the following documents:

– You have held a temporary residence license for at least five years.

– In the past five years, you have not been indicted for a violation or crime that merits a jail sentence of more than one year.

– In addition, one must have appropriate resource/budgetary methods and a place of residence in Portugal.

– An unequivocal affirmation of the fundamental/primary Portuguese language (for comfortable and independent living conditions).


Together with you and Zajl will help in pursuing the benefits and advantages of this permanent residency, which will enable you to obtain the following:

– Opportunity for a permanent residence grant to allow you to live and work without hindrance in Portugal.

– Facilitates continuing your education and studies while living in Portugal.

– In terms of professions, it enables you to engage in compensated business and pursue activities as a self-employed professional.

– In addition to the economic advantages, permanent residency will provide you with full access to the country’s justice system and healthcare facilities.

In addition to the legal provisions under the Aliens Act, legal arrangements have been made by SEF to ensure that foreign residents receive equal treatment, specifically concerning government-managed retirement, financial benefits, support in associations, acknowledgment of recognitions, certificates, and other Professional capabilities, as well as the privilege of access to products and businesses available to the public and the utilization of arrangements.

Following this method, you are eligible for a 10-year duty-free exemption on benefits, profits, sovereignties, premium pay, and other income from unrelated sources.

What else can an immigrant possibly expect?

These specific features in the country itself make it extraordinary to be its citizen; this is precisely where our role and obligations begin with you, starting from the visa application and extending to permanent residency in Portugal. Zajl thoroughly aids you at every phase possible.

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