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Temporary Residence Permits in Portugal

Following are different types of temporary residence permits available in Portugal.

Temporary residence permit for employment: Portugal softens and favors employees seeking jobs in Portugal. The most general Portuguese laws are enforced on both Portuguese citizens as well as foreign workers.

Workers who enter Portugal on residency (extended stay) visas may apply for a residence permit under article 88.1 by submitting the required documentation.

A person who enters Portugal without a residence visa (on a short stay) or Schengen visa issued by another Schengen state may apply for a resident permit under (click here) article 88.2 after submitting the required documentation.

Temporary residence permit for self-employment (Business): To initiate commercial (business) and self-employment (freelancing) operations, SEF issues a residence permit as a separate residency title.

Self-employed individuals who enter Portugal on an (extended stay) visa type may apply for residency under article 89.1 (click here). They must submit the required documentation.

Entrants with (short stay) visas or other visas interested in establishing a business in Portugal may apply for a residency permit following the documentation mentioned in article 89.2 (click here).

Temporary residence permits for students:

Students wishing to study in Portugal can request SEF to issue the following types of resident titles:

– Students in higher education can apply for a residence permit under Article 91.

– Article 91-A allows mobility higher education students to apply for a residency.

– Under Article 91-B, researchers may apply for a residency permit.

– According to Article 91-C, mobile researchers may apply for a residency permit.

– Under Article 92 A, secondary school and professional studies students who are already in Portugal may apply for a resident visa.

– Trainees can request for a residency permit under Article 93.

– Volunteers can request a residency visa under Article 94.

Temporary residence permits for family reunification:

Spouses, children, parents, and others dependent on family members are eligible for a residence visa under the “family reunification” category.

After submitting the required documentation, the dependent family who enters Portugal on a D-6 visa may apply for a residence permit under article 98.1.

Article 98.2 permits dependent family members who are currently in Portugal on another type of visa or document to apply for a residency permit after submitting the needful documentation.

Temporary residence visa for teaching professions: 

Applicants wishing to exercise a teaching profession in an educational, vocational institute, or research center may apply for a temporary residence permit under article 90 (click here to read more).

Temporary residence visa for professionals with high qualifications:

A person who intends to work in Portugal as a highly skilled worker may apply for a residency visa under article 90 if they have an employment contract as a highly skilled worker. (click here to read more).

Temporary residence permit to promote culture:

A person intending to work in Portugal in cultural activity and position may apply for a resident permit under article 90—provided they have a contract with a worker or service consistent with cultural activity.

Temporary residency permit for technology visa (tech visa):

This visa is an excellent opportunity for highly trained IT specialists and other technical experts to live and work in Portugal after having an ongoing contract with information technology-certified companies in the country.

Temporary residence visa for employees of European enterprises: 

Applicants, administrators, or employees of companies established in the state of the European economic area can request residency under article 123-A.

Permits for temporary residency for ICT and transferred employees: 

Article 127-B allows employees of ICT enterprises who have transferred within the organization to apply for permanent residency following the submission of required documentation.

Permits for temporary residency for mobile workers in Europe:

Residence permit for workers hosted by entity/company established in the national territory, according to federal legislation, for which the worker – holder of an intra-corporate residence permit issued by another Member State of the European Union – is transferred as part of a long-term transfer within the company can request a residence permit under article 124-E.

A: TRC is an abbreviation for Temporary Residence Card. Only Portugal offers this extraordinary possibility to live in Europe.

A: Yes, Portugal grants permanent residency permits and citizenship after five years of legal residence.

A: The card is first issued for two years to non-EU citizens. Under article 116, a person having a long-term resident card from any EU nation can obtain a five-year residency card directly in Portugal.

A: A “Golden Visa” is a form of permanent residency granted in exchange for specified investments.

A: In addition to the travel documents (passport, visa, tickets, boarding pass), legal entry, NIF, Junta, financial documents, etc., are required.

A: Yes, a valid police criminal record clearance from the home country is required before applying for TRC (Temporary Residency Card).

A: A person with an expired Schengen visa may also apply for a Temporary Residence Card (TRC) in Portugal.

A: Yes, if a person pays appropriate social contributions, they are eligible for all social, medical, and educational benefits in Portugal.

A: No, holders of TRC (Temporary Residence Card) can travel visa-free to 26 Schengen countries.

A: A TRC (Temporary Residence Card) holder may apply for a passport or Portuguese nationality after five years of legal residence in Portugal.

A: No, it is not required to obtain a TRC (Temporary Resident Card).

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