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Job Seeker Visa Portugal

Portugal launched a Job seeker visa. The Visa has been implemented to address the labor shortage and will be issued at consulates abroad. The Visa is valid for 120 days, which can be extended to 60 days if the applicant has a valid employment contract and is eligible for a residency permit.

There are currently no highlighted qualifications and experiences required for this visa. Concerning the visa applications, the visa issuance procedures are done at the consulate section. This visa program provides the opportunity to apply for a residence permit following establishing and standardizing a working relationship. In addition, the application for this visa is subject to the conditions listed below.

The visa will only be granted if the applicant has not been denied entry into the country or another European Union member state (EU).

In addition, the worker will be required to have a return ticket (in case he cannot find work), and financial resources known as subsistence funds are insufficient.

Based on this document, the applicant may only look for employment opportunities in Portugal and not in other Schengen states.

Job Seeker Visa holders will be restricted to a single entry into Portuguese territory, making it impossible to travel abroad during the initial 120 days or the remaining 60 days if an extension is requested.

The extension will only be granted if the candidate cannot sign the employment contract by the initial deadline.

The visa holder is only permitted to invite family members under family reunification after obtaining a valid occupation and residence permit.

The Portuguese government is streamlining procedures for obtaining a tax identification number (NIF), which will be automatically assigned during Social Security registration and the request for a number of access to the public health system, known as an NSS number.

According to government officials, Portugal is a nation that welcomes immigrants. Every year, we receive tens of thousands of immigrants in search of opportunity, and we are a nation that welcomes immigrants.

Reapply Visa:

When the visa validity period of an employment-seeking person has expired, the visa holder must leave the country if neither employment nor the procedure for requesting a residence permit has been approved. Under these conditions, you can only submit a new visa application for this purpose one year after the expiration date of your previous visa.

Step-by-step highlights of the visa process

Step 1: 

Online enrollment with IEFP: The Institute for Employment and Vocational Training is a public employment service in Portugal. It is a part of the Employment and Social Security department, which is in charge of carrying out the employment and vocational training policies that have been established and approved by the government. If a candidate wishes to apply for a job seeking a visa to Portugal, he must submit an expression of interest for the IEFP. Candidates who are interested in relocating to Portugal must fill out an online form with details of their background, qualifications, and experiences to be considered.

Step 2: Preparing the following needful documentation for visa application at the Portuguese consulate abroad:

  1. Application form duly signed and properly completed.
  2. The passport must be valid for a minimum of six months.
  3. Photographs in accordance with the embassy requirements.
  4. Police clearance records (criminal background check) from home country.
  5. Insurance for travel and medical care is valid for at least six months.
  6. Return flight tickets.
  7. Proof of financial resources (bank statement + statement of responsibility from Portugal)
  8. Statement of purpose (SoP)
  9. Curriculum Vitae (CV) with education and work experience.
  10. Evidence of declarations of interest with IEFP.

Step 3:

Appointment with the Portuguese consulate:

Make an online appointment with the Portuguese consulate from your home or visit the consulate section in your country of residence. Please check the online appointment calendar to see if any openings exist. Depending on your location, appointments will be delayed due to the volume of requests.

The required documentation must accompany the visa application. Visa denial results from a lack of prepared documents and correct application forms, as well as the submission of falsified documents.

Visa decision: 

Visa decisions take between 30 and 90 days, depending on the consulate. The Visa will only be granted if the applicant has not yet obtained an entry restriction into the country or another European Union member state (EU).

Step 4:

After signing an employment contract in Portugal, the applicant may submit a request to obtain a residence permit valid for two years or the duration of the employment contract. The visa holder is not permitted to invite family members under family reunification until he accepts a successful occupation and obtains a residency permit.

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