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Portugal Invitations and Visa Requirements

Portugal has more effective visa procedures for foreigners. The Portuguese Embassy and Consulate General are authorized to grant visas for their country.

Types of Visas in Portugal

Short stay visas: National or Schengen entry for up to 90 days for the following purposes.

Tourism: A tourist visa is available for discovering, vacationing, and exploring Portugal. Prior to entering Portugal, one must apply for a short-stay visa at a Portuguese embassy or consulate abroad. A Portugal Schengen visa is a specific type of authorization that allows you to travel within all Schengen nations, including Portugal, for up to 90 days. To obtain approval for a Schengen (Portugal) visa, you must submit a list of required documents, and the Embassy may request extra paperwork.

Visiting families: If you have immediate or extended family or friends living in Europe, whether temporarily or permanently, you are eligible for several benefits related to visiting them. Short-term visas (up to 90 days) are available to those who qualify based on their travel purpose and reputation. The applicant must provide a list of supporting documents for a family visit visa.

Business meetings: Conferences, business meetings, events, exhibitions & trade-fair, research, short internship study, training, etc., are all valid reasons to obtain a business visa. The visas are issued based on invitation letters issued by the hosting organization. An invitation and a list of supporting documents must be submitted to the Portuguese Embassy.

Internship and training: Short-study students who wish to complete their training or research in Portugal are required to apply for a short-stay visa after receiving admission confirmation from their respective institutions. Apply for the same visa as a seasonal worker if employment contracts are less than 90 days. The training – Internship visa is granted by the competent authority based on the list of existing documents and conditions.

Transit visa: Non-immigrant transit visas are granted to visitors who are passing through Portugal on their way to another country. You must have a supporting document for your transit visa application.

Invitation-based: Zajl office specializes in arranging invitations for business meetings, conferences, events, and trade fairs and exhibitions. The invitation call is subject to eligibility and based on the project presentation. We understand the importance of business people and talented individuals who want to showcase their abilities in Portugal.

An official request must be made at the Portuguese Embassy, along with a list of supporting documents and a letter of invitation.

Step-by-step process to apply for tourist, business, visiting family, and transit visa applications:

Step 1: Zajl office accesses your profile, regardless of eligibility, in order to properly assess and share your private and employment information. Applicants must demonstrate strong ties to their home country by providing a travel history, financial resources, proof of work, bank statements, and assets that demonstrate their credibility in their home country.

Step 2: Zajl will organize your visa application, hotel reservation, and insurance policy in accordance with the requirements of the Embassy.

Step 3: Schedule a time to bring in your documents.

Step 4: Submit the file with supporting documents, travel itinerary, and cover letter.

Step 5: Wait a minimum of ten to fifteen working days for your results. On the embassy/VFS website, you can view your application’s current status online.

Long stay visas: Long Stay visas of the so-called national “D & E” type that exceed 90 days, as specified below:

D Type Visas

D1 Visa: Residence visa for professional subordinated activity as a worker. Work in Portugal under a labor contract that has been previously approved by the Employment and Training Institute (IEFP- Instituto de Emprego e Formaço Profissional). Article 88.1 and related provisions allow visa holders of this type to apply for a residence permit until the expiration of their visa in Portugal with supporting documents.

D2 Visa: If you are an entrepreneur, self-employed, or starting a business in Portugal, you may be eligible for a residence visa under category D-2, which is designated for individuals in these fields. This visa allows you to work in Portugal (per article 89.1) and legally settle there. Must submit supporting documentation.

D3 Visa: D3 resident visa is for university faculty, highly qualified activity professional, and cultural activity performers. Supporting documents are required.

D4 Visa: Students from all over the world, including high school, exchange, research, internship, and volunteer students, are eligible to apply for a residence visa to Portugal. Included on the list of visa requirements, the offered program must be more than one year, and official confirmation of invitation or admission from a Portuguese educational institution is required.

D6 Visa: Residence visas for family reunification to join parents, spouses, and children in Portugal are granted based on legal residence permits or passports. Notification of Family Reunification Approval Letter from SEF (Servico de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras – SEF) is a must to obtain the visa. Documents required.

D7 Visa: D7 residence visa applies to retirees, senior citizens, and religious individuals with a stable income from rent, pension, personal investments, and bank interest.

E Type Visas

E1 Visa: Interim stay visa in a recognized hospital for medical treatment for a maximum of one year. Even after successful treatment, this visa does not allow you to work. List of required documents.

E2 Visa: The purpose of this temporary stay may be for the performance of national to state parties to a world trade organization (WTO), intra-corporate transfers and service providers, or professional training. Documents checklist.

E3 Visa: Applicants with a planned trip to Portugal lasting less than one year to engage in independent business activities are eligible for a temporary stay visa. Documentation checklist.

E4 Visa: Visa for temporary stay for research, academic teaching, or highly qualified purposes with a contract duration of less than one year issued by recognized Portuguese Institutes. Documents checklist.

E5 Visa: The visa for athletes selected by a registered Portuguese sports club or tournament committee. Documents checklist.

E6 Visa: Visas for short-term stays for those who wish to study, participate in an exchange program, complete an unpaid professional internship, or volunteer their services in Portugal. Over 90-day visas are subject to a maximum of one year. Documents checklist.

E7 Visa: Temporary stay visa for applicants for less than one year accompanying a family member who is currently ill. Documents checklist.

E8 Visa: List of supporting documents required to apply for a temporary stay visa for seasonal workers in industries such as agriculture, livestock, hunting, forestry, fishing, construction, hospitality, manufacturing, food and beverage industries, wholesale and retail trade, etc.

E9 Visa: Visas for shorter stays (less than one year) are available to students who wish to attend a recognized educational or professional training program. Documentation checklist.

Application procedure for long-term visas:

Step 1: Zajl will access your profile, regardless of your eligibility, in order to properly assess and share your extremely private and employment information. Eligible applicants must demonstrate education, experiences, and relationships with the specified visa, including travel history, financial resources, employment proof, bank statements, and assets indicating your credible ties and documents and approvals (processing time of 3-6 months) from Portugal’s competent authorities.

Step 2: Zajl will prepare your visa application, accommodation confirmation, and travel insurance plan in accordance with embassy requirements.

Step 3: Make an appointment for the file submission.

Step 4: Submit the file with supporting documents, travel itinerary, and cover letter.

Step 5: Wait a minimum of 30-90 working days, depending on the type of visa. You can view the status of your application online on the embassy/VFS website.

Don’t hesitate to contact our helpline number for additional information and the most recent update.

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