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Resettlement In Portugal

Portugal is a multicultural country in Europe that welcomes immigrants from all over the world. Portuguese history remained the oldest in terms of migration. The majority of foreigners come to Portugal in search of a safe and secure place to live and work with their families.

The Portuguese government offers the following options for those seeking resettlement:

  • Investment purposes                      
  • Employment purposes
  • Self-employment objectives
  • Religion purposes
  • Educational purposes
  • Volunteers work objectives
  • Family reunifications
  • Refugee stays
YearsTemporary residency permits Permanent residence permit Total Migration 
20191,10, 813

Large-scale resettlement in Portugal is one of the many reasons to remain legally in Portugal.

A: There are several options for resettling in Portugal, including but not limited to business, investment, golden visa, education, family reunification, employment, and volunteer work, among others.

A: “Yes,” according to the Portuguese immigration rule implemented on July 4, 2007, foreigners can take advantage of this opportunity.

A: Agriculture, farming and forestry, automobiles, financial services, hospitality, retail, and textiles are the most critical industries in Portugal.

A: Yes, each foreigner is eligible for medical and education benefits after registering with Portugal’s social security.

A: Employment, business, investment, family reunification, freelancing, and highly professional education are the most common and straightforward routes to resettling in Portugal.

A: “Yes,” it is possible to obtain a residency permit (resettlement) even with a Schengen tourist visa.

A: Yes, you may operate a business in Portugal without a resettlement visa/permit if you requested local immigration authorities beforehand (SEF).


A: Yes, you may qualify for a golden visa or one of several other programs available for investment.

A: Portugal provides a various options for foreigners seeking resettlement in Portugal, including but not limited to business, investment, golden visa, education, family reunification, employment, and volunteer work.

A: Agriculture, textile, hospitality, retail industry, farming, and many others.

A: “Yes,” each immigrant and foreign-born child has a genuine right to education during the resettlement application process.

A: Stable five years, at the very least, are required to qualify for permanent residency in Portugal.

A: Coverage of the European market with a single tax system. Portugal offers low-cost skilled labor and the lowest operating costs for new businesses.

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